[ 2012.06.09 ] The second day of International Warmia & Mazury Airports Rally

Saturday 09.06.2012 was the second day of International Warmia & Mazury Airports Rally. After full of attractions and mixed EURO 2012 inauguration (Poland – Greece, watched in Kikity) first day of the event participants flew to Wilamowo. It was easy to tell that guests were impressed. Flight over the Mazury Residence ought to be the first attraction of the day. We flew low with a police radar checking our speed. The next attraction was aimed landing contest in Babięty and canoeing through Krutynia. Furthermore after the meeting (organized by Marcin Stan) we came back to Wilamowo to take part in the ‘find a way’ running, pneumatic weapons shooting and bow shooting. The day ended with watching the EURO match in the cheering zone at the airport of Wilamowo while the others went to Giżycko to taste local ice-creams.

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