[ 2012.10.01 ] Farewell… "Flying Yacht Of Discovery" S-38 Sikorsky's been sold!!!

We've befriended Tom Schrade and Sally (he's partner in journey) during The Mazury AirShow 2011 and 2012 when he has visited our show and participated with his S-38 Sikorsky. We've really get used to and liked each other (as the corespondation shows). They are magnificent persons and unique friends of The Lands of The Great Lakes and The Great Masurian Lakes AeroClub. Their marvelous plane called "Flying Yacht Of Discovery" was the biggest star of Mazury AirShow twice already. Due to the fact that we've been told about the S-38 Sikorsky had been sold, we've asked our American friends (via mail) if that is true. And this the part of message received from Tom:

"The rumor is true. I sold the Sikorsky to Kermit Weeks, owner of the "Fantasy of Flight" museum/theme park in Orlando Florida.

We felt it was the right thing to do, as we have had the priviledge of flying it all over Europe and North America. We had hoped to fly her to Africa, but with the Geopolitical problems there we realized it would not be possible. We do hope to return to Ketryzn and the Great Mazury district. We loved it very much and look forward to returning again. Maybe we will have a diffferent airplane or if not we just might drop in via auto.

I must tell you the Great Masury Airshow is really one of the highlights of our European Airshow tour. We enjoyed meeting everyone there and found everything there as good as it can be! We loved it and always tell our friend and acquaintances they should plan to fly there.

I am currently on an airliner, flying from Las Vegas to Minneapolis Minnesota. Sally is visiting her daughter in Georgia. We miss being in Poland as we enjoyed it very much. You put on a Great Airshow and we very much enjoyed being part of it.

We also want to thank you and your family for being such wonderful hosts and inviting us into your home and your airshow. If you ever come to the US, please let me know so that you may be our guests.

Also please feel free to quote me, and you can tell everyone we think your airshow is the BEST.

Thanks Again

Tom, Sally and Remington

P.S. What can we say. It's very sad that we won't be able to see the wonderful shapes of S-38 Sikorsky anymore (during our anniversary "Mazury AirShow 2013") as well as Tom controlling that historic aircraft. Nevertheless we do understand Tom and we wish him further success in aviation tourism all over the world. You will of course be always welcome with Your crew here in Mazury, Ketrzyn Wilamowo Airport and Wajsznory Manor as our honorable guest.

Stanisław Tołwiński

As a symbolic farewell for the „Discovery Flying Yacht” and befriended crew.. we’ve got some more pictures...

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